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How Professional Organizers Can Help

When people think of professional organizing, they often picture neatly organized pantries, closets and garages. That’s true but organizing encompasses so much more. It helps us manage our finances, time, commitments, priorities, mail and paper, electronic information, and so on. Here is a summary of the many ways professional organizers are called on to help bring order to your life, thereby providing peace of mind, better use of time, and reduction of stress.

Organizing your stuff!

Studies show that the average American wastes roughly 12 days a year looking for things they own but can't find. Imagine that...one day a month! We typically own more than we know we have and more than we can keep track of. It’s no wonder we can’t find those keys or cell phone in the morning! Your goal should be to keep the things you love or need, figure out how to store them (everything needs a home), and determine what to do with the rest (donate, trash, re-purpose).

Organizing your offices and information!

This includes our paper, electronic information and workflow. It’s the process of managing those things through their life cycle. What do we keep and for how long? What purpose do they serve? A four-drawer filing cabinet holds approximately 18,000 pieces of paper. Add the fact that 80% of the papers we file, we never refer to again. That’s a lot of unnecessary paper!

Organizing your time!

Doesn’t it seem like we never have enough time to do the things we want to do? Organizing your time is about determining your priorities, both work and personal, and managing your boundaries. The seemingly constant lack of time -- living on the edge of deadlines and being habitually late -- stems from unrealistic expectations of what we can accomplish, our inability to say “no”, and our lack of proper planning. Professional organizers can offer tools and coach you to be more aware of and realistic in managing time.

Organizing your tasks!

This is closely related to time management. Having one central list of tasks is key. Banish scraps of paper and sticky notes! It’s also about prioritizing that “to do” list and ensuring that it makes it’s way onto your calendar. There are many apps and tools available today to help manage tasks. Professional organizers can help you find the method or tool that works best for you.

Organizing your finances!

This is a subset of organizing information but is important enough to warrant it’s own category. Being financially organized means bills get paid on time, your financial information is readily available, and your important life documents are at hand. Probably the biggest bonus is that tax time will be SO much easier when your finances are organized for that purpose. This might involve using financial software, setting up spreadsheets to track your information, or simply filing it in a way that allows you to access your information when you need it.

Organizing your photos and memorabilia

Believe it or not, there are professional organizers who specialize in organizing and digitizing photos and paper memorabilia. Some can even help research your ancestry. I’ve seen some beautifully prepared digital photo books as a culmination of this process. Preserving your family history is priceless. If you have interest in this service, let me know and I can connect you with a photo organizer.

This is a high level view of the areas where organization can help you streamline. In the coming months, I’ll be exploring each of these areas in more detail with the goal of providing you with some useful and actionable information.

As always, happy organizing!

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